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Hoh Rain Forest (Olympic National Park) : Hike

Olympia national park is a huge park. Hoh rain forest is definitely worth your time visiting. There is a park fee involved if you don't have an annual pass. There are 3 trails from the visitor centre. The hall of moss trail is worth the walk. 1.2 miles. The rain forest is calm, mystical and mysterious. You can imagine yourself in a movie set from "Lords of the rings". Easy trail for kids to explore the nature, see mushrooms, wildlife, stream etc...Getting to the Hoh is a beautiful drive, then once you are there look for this adorable phone booth (no payphone) but the booth is covered in moss! There are 3 trails a small medium and long, the trails are beautiful but I'd recommend more in the rainy season the green is spectacular in July/August its a bit less green but still wonderful.


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