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Trail of Ten Falls

Silver Falls State Park is the Oregon State Parks system's crown jewel, being both Oregon's largest state park (9,000 acres) and boasting one of America's most impressive day-hikes on waterfall. On this 7.8 mile loop there are no less than ten falls (which can be reduced through two cutoff trails), and most of them are beautiful flat-out. Unfortunately, while the hike is not very strenuous (Most people will handle the rolling elevation in three to five hours with about 1,300 feet of total accumulation), dogs are not permitted on the hike's Canyon Trail portion— which is where the waterfalls are found. Unless it's a foul-weather day in winter in the middle of a week, count on seeing lots of other trail visitors.

Visitors are also bound to appreciate South Falls Lodge, which is not particularly large and offers no accommodation, but has a cafeteria and seating in a rustic space that smells of firewood smoke and stone walls. In 1934, President Roosevelt designated Silver Falls as a "Recreational Demonstration Area" and developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps as a park, which included the construction of the lodge. Before that, it was June D. Drake's life passion, a photographer in the Silverton area, who led a 20-year campaign to designate the area as a park. One of the 10 falls here bears his name for his efforts.

The trail was incredibly well kept--- the state definitely pays attention to the little things which is nice. The only little problem is, it is slightly hard to find. So here is the direction: It's in the South Falls Day Access only area and the best place to park is right in front of the bathrooms and the lodge. Also Upper North Falls is only a quarter mile up this trail. This isn't the largest waterfall in the park, but it's remoter than most and it makes a fine morning introduction. Here you can see all of the standard features of Silver Creek waterfalls. The water cascades of a basalt cliff formed by ancient lava flows. You can see pieces of rock that have fallen from above and the beginnings of a cave like grotto behind the waterfall. As pretty as "Upper North" is, don't get too distracted. You've got nine more to go!


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