AWAYN IMAGE Trail of Ten Falls
AWAYN IMAGE Trail of Ten Falls
AWAYN IMAGE Trail of Ten Falls
AWAYN IMAGE Trail of Ten Falls
AWAYN IMAGE Trail of Ten Falls

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This trail is 9 miles as a loop. There are ten waterfalls that are clearly marked and mapped out but there are probably about 8 more little ones that are pretty too. The trail was incredibly well kept--- the state definitely pays attention to the little things which is nice. The only little problem is, it is slightly hard to find. So here is the direction: It's in the South Falls Day Access only area and the best place to park is right in front of the bathrooms and the lodge. Also Upper North Falls is only a quarter mile up this trail. This isn't the largest waterfall in the park, but it's remoter than most and it makes a fine morning introduction. Here you can see all of the standard features of Silver Creek waterfalls. The water cascades of a basalt cliff formed by ancient lava flows. You can see pieces of rock that have fallen from above and the beginnings of a cave like grotto behind the waterfall. As pretty as "Upper North" is, don't get too distracted. You've got nine more to go!

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