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Discover the Bohemian Switzerland

This widespread national park is just a 90-minute drive from Prague, but it may be on another planet as well. There's no trace of city life here. Home to green gulches, towering cliffs of sandstone, peaceful farmland swaths, picturesque little villages and majestic rock formations Bohemian Switzerland is a delight for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

There is a stunning gorge that can be seen by boat. We stopped on the way back from Dresden to Prague and really enjoyed our time spent in the park. Getting to Bohemian Switzerland from Prague takes around two hours. The trail itself is an easy trail following the marked paths.

Except for a short gradient to Pravcicka brana, the path is gently rising and falling. Restaurant and buffet in Falcon's nest with 19th century interiors right next to Pravcicka brana, Restaurant U Forta in Mezni Louka, Buffet in Ticha souteska / Calm Coomb, restaurants and boarding houses in Hrensko.


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