Hike in Myra Canyon Trail


AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Myra Canyon Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Myra Canyon Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Myra Canyon Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Myra Canyon Trail

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This highly scenic Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) portion runs along a steep-walled canyon. Originally built by hand at the turn of the last century, this impressive landmark is highlighted by two tunnels and 18 bridges, too spectacular for words. You can go hiking. Or you can rent a bike with Myra Canyon Bike Rental & Tours or take a guided tour. Or you can get a shuttle with Kettle Valley Railway Cycling Company or Cheers from downtown Kelowna! Tours of Okanagan. Visit the website of the Myra Canyon Restoration Society for more information on the Myra Canyon Trestles.


Located just 24 km (40 min drive to Myra Station) from downtown Kelowna. This picturesque drive takes you past farms, orchards, vineyards and golf courses. The road to the trestles is a gravel road, but during the summer and fall months most vehicles should be able to climb. There is a large parking area right at the entrance to the KVR at Myra Station.

It is an easy walk as all is flat ground. If going in late fall or winter - bring snowshoes. I love this park to show off the great views of the valley and its easy to reach from the parking lot. The road is gravel and winds its way up the hill towards "little white" mountain. Although we have never seen dangerous wildlife, we were warned by some snowmobilers last year that there were cougar tracks in the area. I would keep small children close and dogs on a leash. Bring water and be prepared.

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