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Brighton Ski Resort in Winter

We stopped by this ski resort since it was recommended by our friends that live in Utah. The personnel made the experience less stressful but the place was extremely crowded. They were very understanding and offer to help during the process of getting all the equipment and giving us direction. They have a place were you can rent lockers or you can bring your own lock to utilize other locker (bigger) than the ones you pay per day. The charge on the lockers are extremely cheap but we could have definitely use the ones for free. There were two things that I was not comfortable with. The first was the fact that no one showed us the amenities or the areas we could participate in since the place is huge and we had to constantly ask personnel if we where in the correct area. The second one was that no one told us that the people that had paid for the lessons had priority on the lines. I get that people go to this place to spend $$$ but if some one would have told us we would've been aware and understand the dynamic of waiting in line.


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