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Jumping of the cliffs Acapulco Rock Island at Lake Martin

Introverts Disclaimer: This place is almost too busy during the summer. By far, Lake Martin is one of the most spectacular fresh water lakes in America. I have traveled across the globe and when I found this place, I knew I had to live here. I didn't make it across the 1/2 mile bridge on Hwy 63 before I committed to buying a house on the water. The waters are VERY clean, the animal life is bountiful, the fishing is superb and the people and atmosphere are inviting. Acapulco Rock Island is right adjacent to Chimney Rock Island at the crescent of Lake Martin. It is a popular hang-out spot for boaters and is named after the shaped resemblance of Acapulco Rock in Mexico. People Climb to various levels of the rock to jump into Lake Martin. The busiest times are during the Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day holidays. Many people reference "Chimney Rock" when referring to Acapulco Rock, therefore, creating confusion to some. Technically, Acapulco Rock can become part of Chimney Rock Island when the water drops to a level creating a land bridge between the two islands.


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