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Aigues tortes NP

Start at Espot, take a Land-rover taxi, and opt to were to travel, 

we took to second station (need a minimum of 6 people to fill the taxi) and begin walking 1st to purpose of read of the Ratera lake and also the mountains and then downhill to Maurici lake, throw waterfall and forest, from the lake take the Taxi back to Espot.

Wonderful half day hiking

This is one in every of the simplest trekking places we've been with the kids! Booking the refugio earlier, we have a tendency to did not have to pack any serious gear (tent, food, sleeping luggage etc.) thus it allowed America to trek with light-weight weight, simply little pack with food/snacks for the day and a touch water. The refugio provide basic sleeping in dormitories however it had been nice and clean. The food was sensible, and trekkers we have a tendency tore principally Spanish- anyway all the folks we met there have been very friendly- as well as the workers.


With little kids and America not obtaining any younger ;), this is often a huge profit. In August we had sunny day’s very comfortable weather. 


The place is Magnificent! Scores of lakes, huge granite mountains, flowing streams, forests (on lower altitudes), and not tough walking (for the five year recent youngsters some stretches weren't easy). We have a tendency to dear this park!


We trekked five days beginning and ending in Espot, wherever we have a tendency to leave the automobile. There’s some 4x4 taxi service which will take up to six-8 folks to the primary refugio (Josep Maria Blanc) and rather than a 1000meter climb on a 6.5km route- one thing like 20-25 euros per person.



We walked the Long Lake path on a cool and a small amount time period. i feel I counted regarding twenty totally different mushroom sorts on the method. So beautiful! 

The path is full of breathtaking views of water and fauna. It takes regarding an hour and a half. Once regarding 3/4 of the method you come back at a cabin wherever there is a rest room and massive tables wherever you'll eat your picnic food and get tea and soup. Pretty plan.

When we have a tendency to come back from the long path we took a brief circular path adjusted for the disabled. This is often an awfully nice path too.

Transportation to and from Boi by taxi motorcar is incredibly simple to use and is about 10€ per person.

We were solely sorry to not have seen any special animals. We did meet a herd of cows and saw a frog in one in every of the puddles :)



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