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Hiking trip to Aigüestortes i Estany of Saint Maurici National Park

From Espot, you can get a taxi ride into the park (once enough people - 6 or so - want to do what you want to do). It is the only way to get properly into the park apart from walking. The most popular ride is to Estany (Lake) Sant Maurici, but we strongly recommend taking the taxi right to the top (Estany de Amitges). The scenery is fantastic, the "road" is a real experience in itself. If you are fit, you can walk back down, if not, you can have 20 minutes at Estany de Amitges, another 20 at Estany de Ratera and 20 at Estany Sant Maurici. Our driver back down was happy to stop anywhere we asked, for photos or just to admire the wonderful scenery. Fantastic value.


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