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Angels Landing Refrigerator Canyon hike

The Angels Landing walk in Zion National Park is one of Zion's MOST ICONIC hikes, and in my view the whole of the United States. In every manner, it's a real classic. The opinions are totally unmatched and the path will challenge you the whole way up, both physically and mentally. 

The Zion National Park South Entrance and Visitor Center area has a large parking lot, but it will fill up very quickly during the most common times of the year. Be ready to get there soon if you really want to park in the primary parking area.

Alternatively, you can park anywhere in Springdale city and catch one of the (free) city shuttles at the entrance to the park. The city shuttle picks up at multiple stops in Springdale every 5-10 minutes. You'll probably bring Zion's shuttle bus into the park for most of the year in Zion to get to the trailhead. To be clear, the bus stop you want to get off at for the Angels Landing hike is the bus stop "The Grotto," marked as bus stop number 6 on the map above (and Zion National Parks Map at the time of writing). Weather wise, the best time of the year would be in the spring months (Marchto Mid-May) or the fall months (Mid-September to November) to attend Zion National Park and hike Angels Landing. There's also less crowding these months than the summer months. But as long as there is no ice or snow on the trail, you can hike Angels Landing throughout the year.


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