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Batiquitos Lagoon Hike

Batiquitos is a natural lagoon and marshland with birds and a sanctuary of wildlife of many sorts. The trail is about one and a half miles long. Park your car at Batiquitos Drive and walk the trail, and back. The views are incredible. Bird watchers are often out with their binoculars. Seasonally, horses roam in the distance, near one end. The trail changes back and forth from sunny to shady as the vegetation changes along the trail. The trail is very flat so people at all levels can walk, run, sightseeing. A few entry points have a hill to walk down, so if you want to avoid that, look for a flat entry way. Dogs are allowed and the owners are usually good about cleaning up. So, if you would like to go for a pleasant walk with beautiful views, I highly recommend this. I walk there year round but suggest that you avoid after a rain unless you don't mind mud.


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