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Montenegro is awesome specially when you #Motorbike

Yeah! Hashtag that thang! #motorbike! I had an international exchange roommate from Montenegro who invited me to visit his city this past summer. So I did and yeah! we did ride! first of all, Montenegro is awesome for motorbiking. I'm also riding a cruiser, and roads of Montenegro are still remembered as highlights of all my travels. You shouldn't worry too much about accomodation. Just show up at the spot and ask around for private rooms, and that's it. Or you will be approached by people who rent rooms. Also, having your motorbike, you don't really have to stay next to pedestrian areas or so. So it's even easier to find accomodation. You can also consider areas and villages around, for example, it really doesn't have to be Kotor medieval town area, when you can easily find better and cheaper room in few hundred meters away neighborhood, also by the sea. And it's not expensive too, no matter that it will be July. Make sure you visit complete Bay of Kotor, for the sceneries and old towns on the way. The Bay, in my opinion, has couple of really nice stops/routes while on the bike, that were beach pizzeria/caffe in Morinj, town of Perast, Tivat bay to Radovici with hilltop churches and shallow waters bay near Radovici. Of course, old town of Kotor and walking up the fortress above is unmissable. old road from Kotor to Cetinje. Numerous hairpins, awesome views over the whole Bay. Cetinje itself. Walking on Lovcen top to the mausoleum and viewpoint. Down the mountains ride from Cetinje to Budva. Priceless, if you ask me. in my opinion, road between Budva and Bar is very nice, but nothing new if you just came down the Adriatic highway. Views up Sveti Stefan, just outside of Budva, are nice enough for postcard-like photos. Riding around Skadar lake is really nice, as for sceneries and crumbling fortresses/monasteries on the islands of a lake. The road north from Podgorica through Moracha canyon is said to be very nice. However, in my opinion, as this is Montenegro's busiest road and main connection to Serbia, this road isn't just that much enjoyable to ride, as it could be if traffic was lighter. Especially in July, this road might be very busy. Shame, cos nature is beautiful. I would ride there until Moracha monastery, just off the road. Probably the best road in Montenegro for motorbikes is the new road between Zabljak (Durmitor) and Kotor Bay. You can get on this road from the Bay, just next to Morinj. The road heads right up the mountains without compromises, views are stunning, and they just don't stop being stunning all the way. And the road is not too busy at all. Here you can ride until Nikshic, and continue towards Zabljak (Durmitor mountains) over Shavnik area. All the way you go, sceneries are well worth riding. If you get enough time, check out Nevidio canyon next to Shavnik (but the road doesn't pass through there). It has that Lord of the Rings feeling while there. Durmitor area. Mecca for enduros! Ask locals to recommend you local roads if you want to have short rides around the mountains. I can recommend you going from Zabljak to Piva lake and back, the road is narrow, recently paved, and almost deserted. And passing over 1800 meters pass! Another unmissable road is Zabljak - Djurdjevica Tara bridge. And actually, from the bridge you can catch the road to Bijelo Polje, and get on the main road through Moracha canyon back to Podgorica.  


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