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Catch a sunset at Arroyo Burro Beach

Almost universally referred to by locals as "Henry's" or "Hendry's" beach, and more isolated than the downtown beaches. This place is great spot to meet for breakfast or a cocktail at sunset, stroll or jog the sandy shore, watch for whales, surf fish, or ride the wild surf. Known for its sandy beaches, swimming, surfing and surf fishing, this park also offers a cool grassy area for picnics and playing. The MTD bus stops at the park entrance.

There is a nice viewpoint that can be reached from the steps that started at the front corner of the restaurant. One of the Channel Islands can also be seen off in the distance adding to the picturesque scenery. There are convenient clean restrooms near the parking lot. Dogs are permitted to be off-leash, and one end is a nude beach, where you'll often see nude dudes frolicking. If you like quiet beaches without the risk of stepping in doo or being affronted by an assortment of other people's dogs... Arroyo Burro is not your beach.

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