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Blue Ridge Parkway Ride

469 miles in length, the Blue Ridge Parkway spans 29 Virginia and North Carolina counties alongside the Blue Ridge Mountains. Top speed on the Blue Ridge Parkway is 45mph due to the numerous sharp curves and elevation changes. The parkway can be ridden in one day, although two days are typically recommended. There are no gas stations on the parkway itself — you have to exit in order to fill up. As the elevation changes throughout, riders will notice the trees change from oak and hickory to conifers. Many trees are permanently contorted due to the constant winds in several areas around ridges and passes. Packing List: USB Battery Bank for cell phone Oldelf Tactical Heavyweight Balaclava Outdoor Sports Mask Survival Gear Paracord Bracelet Compass Fire Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles Camping Hiking Hammock Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)


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