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Chill by the Bondi Beach, Australia

It looked like an ordinary Australian beach with a long stretch of brown sand and where surfing is popular. But there's more to Bondi beach than just the landscape. You head down there and as you walk, you will find on the walls some of the coolest street art. Next, find yourself a bench to sit down for a while and you will just be enjoying looking at people walking their dogs, strolling, jogging with their earphones on, laying on the sand, surfing, reading, playing beach volleyball, kids making sand castles, swimmers...It's really the vibe and relaxing atmosphere plus a long stretch of beach to do just that that makes this beach worthy to visit. I think people feel safe to venture out here as well because the lifeguards are visible. And visitors will want to stay longer because there are shops and places to dine in, accessible toilets, showers and a clean filtered drinking water station


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