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Boating Trip in Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is one of the main attraction of Coron Island Tour. the hike, the view, the water, the rock formations. Regardless of what time you decide to visit, this unique site is going to be a little busy. So after getting off the boat (which included climbing up on a plastic chair in order to reach the jetty) and then walking a quite steep ascent over odd sized/spaced/height steps followed by a similar descent (there are hand rails in most sections) both can get slippery when wet (especially the lake side where people come back after swimming) you are finally treated to the unique site and scenery of Kayangan Lake. On the sea side of the trail there is a deviation you can take which heads to the very touristy / famous photo opportunity - view out across the bay and surrounding islands (you may have to queue and wait to get your turn as this is a "hot spot"). At the base of the steps/trail there is a constructed platform in an arc formation stretching around both sides of the lake allowing for viewing and seating (on makeshift bench seats) as well as platforms for entering/diving into the clear and clean water. The water is so clear that even standing on the raised platform you can easily see down to depths of a few meters before the light diminishes....even better when in the water with a mask! Unfortunately for those who are poor swimmers there is not much of a ledge/shallow areas as most of the lake is very deep...but you can hang onto the constructed platform. We carried all of our snorkeling gear (mask/snorkel/gloves/boots/fins) which was an effort (especially in short-john wetsuit) but well worth it as we explored 75% of the lake going out to the furthest sections. Our excellent guide took us to spots where there are remains of jars however most of these are located 3M and deeper (average of 5M) - so for those who aren't guided and cannot dive (and spend time searching) to those depths they're hard to see and enjoy from the surface. Still go and explore the lake as the further you go the less people you see....after about 5 minutes of swimming we saw nobody until returning about 90 minutes later. Overall, our small group of four (the guide, Megs & Khloe) had an excellent time snorkeling/exploring the lake with the only small downside being the trek there & back, but definitely worth it. It is a bit touristy (with drink/food stalls at the jetty/port area) and busy but if you did what we did and venture out and explore the lake you'll start to think you're all alone. Also, best done as part of a day trip, but I wouldn't advise of rushing this too much - say no less than 1 hour (unless you're not going swimming/snorkeling)...we spent about 2 hours in total (about 90 minutes in the lake)


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