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Camp over night at Gua Telinga

Gua Telinga means Ear Cave in Malay due to its shape and one of the highlights here is the number of cave-dwelling bats found inside.

It takes around two hours to trek to the cave from the central park headquarters but once there you can explore the inside of the cave at your leisure.

One of the big draws here is that you can even set up camp at the cave and stay here overnight for a truly unforgettable experience. You would be given three bottles (big) of water and basic utensils. Moreover, you need to share some loads of food as the guide’s backpack is about 20kg!!

Bring a good pair of hiking shoes and Long socks to prevent the leeches from crawling into your shoes.  Showering at the river while reaching the cave is also a great experience!  The cave is pretty neat at night and some candles would be good too to keep some insects away. Don’t walk barefooted as we spotted centipede.


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