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Canindé de São Francisco

Canindé de São Francisco is an amazing place! The water is fresh, the rocks are beautiful! There are few options to visit the site: you can rent a car and go by yourself or go with a travel agency. Since we didn't have much time, we booked with a travel agency, in the end it's much easier. If we had more time, we would certainly rent a car and stay at the Canion for longer, because it is an experience once in a lifetime. The trip is quite long, from Aracaju for 3 to 4 hours. So if you can stay overnight, you can make up on the road for a long time. We were four girls traveling to Aracaju together. We got in touch with the Aju Receptivo agency and I highly recommend them. The prices among the agencies are not very different, but the communication and service is. All boats are pretty much owned by the same person, so the difference is the transfer from Aracaju to the Canion, which depends on the agency. We left Aracaju at 6 am and arrived back around 8 pm, the agency took us in a van with another 10. We stopped once in the way to have breakfast and once to go to the toilet. Everything was explained to the guide along the way, but I slept most of it. There's a stop on the way back to buy some nice traditional sweets. We paid R$ 90,00 for the transfer per person. There are two options for the boat tour: a big boat for about 200 people (R$ 50,00) and a smaller, more exclusive boat (R$ 80,00) for at most 10 people. We chose the smaller one because it is faster and includes a stop in the Vale dos Mestres, which is the stop of calm water that was the best part of the tour. The price isn't that different and the tour is much better. We stop for lunch at the Show da Natureza restaurant, where the buffet was R$ 30,00 per person. The food is all right, not great. It's only paid in cash. 


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