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Cape Liptrap

Cape Liptrap

I’m putting the warning out early. As I replicate on what happened this day, I will assure you this post are going to be long and nasty. There’s a distinct risk of race vocalization combined with gnashing of teeth. Phew, that’s my disclaimer out of the means. Now, this 16.5 km of the Cape Liptrap Coastal Walk, Victoria from 5 Mile Track to Cape Liptrap ought to have been quite casual. Guess what? It wasn’t. All I will say is fasten your seatbelts, tighten your suspenders and pull your underpants till you’re holding the sash together with your teeth.


Anyway, down towards the beach we have a tendency to went, while following 5 Mile Track…

There was a quick little bit of fanfare with a bug that’d landed on Smuffin’s backpack. You recognize however it goes. The standard, “Oh my god! There’s an enormous bug on your back!!!!” that creates complete worry, however extremely it’s nothing in any respect. It’s a tired recent joke, however there’s still a small amount of mileage left in it.


The sand walking was at the start quite snug, with the obligatory Pacific Gulls whizzing by, before the beach began to alter. Rocks began showing in ones and twos, before changing into an entire rock-fest. Keep in mind in my previous post? However the sand was pristine with no wood whatsoever? Well, as presently because the rocks were reached it began to alter. The odd fishing tub inscribed with, ‘Jack Miriklis Pty Ltd Fish market Melbourne 2000 and so suddenly the strangest sight. Dozens of salt water and sun bleached timber items, cumulous high amongst the rocks. It’s strange however the ocean dumps its refuse. Why was it all here? Wherever did it come back from? Why am I during this space while not my pants on?


It was unsatisfactory to depart such swish, weatherworn timber behind, as they are doing build quite nice options within the lounge space. It wasn’t simply a shame concerning the timber, as there was some rope washed up which might even be handy. It lay sort of a legendary creature, wrapped round the rocks, yearning for its oil tanker.


Moving on, the primary of the rocky headlands to barter for the day appeared. Recollect it was a lot of or less tide, as we have a tendency to be aiming for the low on the rock shelves of Cape Liptrap late within the day. A spot known as ‘Little Point’, simply happened to be…guess what? What was fascinating, was the cliffs that encircled it. Putting trying stone, that seemed to are stratified and so tipped, before another layer had shaped on high, with the method recurrent.

What recommendation do I actually have for you, if you’re coming up with the walk?

Firstly, don’t screw once it’s boiling hot. I child you not, there’s no shade whatever.

Walk it because the notes indicate. Having the rocks at the tip of the second day was traumatic. Best to try and do them 1st and so on the second day, it’s a cinch on the sand to Venus Bay.

During the interior section, don’t rummage around for a track. It’s there, however in dribs and drabs. Best to stay to the cliff-edge. The bonus is that if it’s too arduous, you'll a minimum of get and finish it all.

Carry buckets of water.



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