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Wander around the beautiful Mirador del valle in Toledo

It's hard to truly understand Toledo and why the ancients built it upon this spot when you arrive from Madrid, over the flatlands. By crossing the river and going up to the Mirador, the curve of the Tajo/Tejo bends in front of you, highlighting the city's role as a well-defendable rampart.  If you go to Toledo, do not miss taking a less than 15 Euro panoramic taxi drive around Toledo. It didn't take long (maybe 15-20 mins) but on the panoramic tour, you will see the medieval wall/fortification and river that protected Toledo, which used to be the capital of Spain. You will see the 3 gates that gave entry to Toledo. And, you'll see the incredible view of the town from across the river. Our taxi driver also gave us some fun facts and explained what else we were seeing, like the Cigaralles, a well-to-do community just outside the walls. This view and the Cathedral and Monastery were my favorite things to do in Toledo.


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