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Catch the sunrise on top of Winnats Pass

The name Winnats comes from ‘Windy Gates’ as one of the windier entrances into Castleton and the Hope Valley.

Winnats Pass is a mountain pass located in the High Peak area of the Peak District, Derbyshire, England. 

Thi 5.8 miles long pass winding through the green hills of England is one of the best motorcycle roads in the UK. 

Located between the small towns of Hope and Sparrowpit this steep, narrow, and heavily used road is fully asphalted but, the narrowness of the road and its highest slope has caused it to be closed to buses, trucks, and vehicles over 7.5 tonnes in weight.

Sheep live wild on the pass so please take care if driving, they do stray into the road. Most people, however, don’t visit the top of the cliffs of the pass Winnats os it's perfect place for seclusion. You can access via paths from both the bottom or top, but if you’re looking for a flying visit I highly recommend parking in the lay-by at the top (go to the top of the pass, to the t-junction, turn right, immediately on either side are the lay-bys). From here there is a flat path across the farmer’s field taking you to the south cliffs.


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