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Spend a Day on the Chicago Riverwalk

Go down to the southern bank of the Chicago River for a distinctive town experience and discover the pedestrian-friendly Chicago Riverwalk from Lake Shore Drive to Lake Street. This Chicago Riverwalk self-guided tour will keep you busy uncovering surprises on the river.

Brush up at the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum on your town history. Enter the river-level historic bridge house, where you will marvel at the huge gears powering the renowned Michigan Avenue Bridge in Chicago. Then create your way up five stories as you learn about the storied Chicago River and the mobile bridges of the city. Your reward for making it to the top is a stunning town and river 360-degree panorama.

Would you like to trade wheel walking? Wheel Fun Rentals provides much more than just mountain bikes and cruisers. It features an entire specialty cycle fleet. In an old-fashioned surrey, an entire family can peddle along, although teenagers are more likely to prefer the go-kart attraction of the deuce coupe or low-riding chopper. Take your pick and take off on a Chicago River ride.


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