Hiking in Chimney Rock State Park


AWAYN IMAGE Hiking in Chimney Rock State Park
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking in Chimney Rock State Park
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking in Chimney Rock State Park
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking in Chimney Rock State Park

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This new and growing state park is located on the edge of the Hickory Nut Gorge, around the monolithic rock formation which gives the area its name. Carved out of the side of the Blue Ridge, the Hickory Nut Gorge is an area of special geology and ecology and the park preserves some of the best of what this area has to offer. The park's namesake, a huge pillar of granite standing apart from the mountain, is located in the attraction area. It provides views that are are second to none from its flat top. You'll see the Gorge, the surrounding mountains, and the lake at the mouth of the gorge - Lake Lure. A second main landmark within the park is also within the attraction area - 404 ft Hickory Nut Falls. Both the Chimney and the Falls are dramatically visible from the highway and town of Chimney Rock below. Two of the so-called trails in the park - including the Outcroppings and Skyline trails - are primarily man-made steel and wood staircase structures, which wind their way straight up boulders and cliff faces! (The State has replaced many of the old, all-wood structures with new, sturdy ones for visitor safety and long-term stability of the structures themselves). Both offer fantastic scenery. For hiking-oriented visits to Chimney Rock, I recommend parking at The Meadows and taking the Four Seasons trail, which has a mostly natural surface and a moderate climb, to the rest of the trail network. All the trails in the attraction area of the park can then be explored over the course of a moderate to more difficult day hike we call the Chimney Rock Tour, one of the Best Hikes on this site.

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