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Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park is outstanding in offering refuge to both biodiversity and loneliness visitors who enjoy their outdoor experiences. There is no other location in the LA Basin where people can drive a short distance and be swept away on more than 90 miles of routes with scenic views, hiking, biking, or horse riding. As an open space environment in which all plant and animal life is protected, the park is managed at 14,102 acres. Accessible at $30.00 per night is the camping tent and RV camping. Additional $5.00 per vehicle.  


Campground Map For camping reservations, please visit or call (800)444-PARK (7275).


Park Entrance Vehicle registration is $5.00 a day, $4.00 a day for seniors 62 +. Otherwise, all traffic to walk is free.  Pay cash or check yourself with the kiosk attendant or with the Iron Ranger box next to the kiosk.


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