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Visit the Chocolate Hills Bohol

The Chocolate Hills form a rolling ground around 1200 plus hills that are generally conical and nearly symmetrical in shape. These hills are made of calcareous, which means they must have been under the sea at one stage. The grass-covered hills dry up during the dry season and turn brown chocolate, hence the name chocolate hills. Having a look is worth a brief visit as the view is quite amazing. The first thing visitors should know is that these unusual round shaped hills are covered with green and not chocolate except for one or two months each year.

So if they're not colored with chocolate you'll see them in their normal green colour. There is a parking area near the parking area with small café and toilets for the gift shop. You have to climb a long set of stairs to the observation area to see the Chocolate Hills. Note that there is no disability accessible to observation, and people who are elderly or who are not in good health may find the stairs too heavy. Nice view on top, between them you can see many hills and small valleys. They vary in height from approximately 300 feet to approximately 800 feet. The area of observation offers a panoramic view. Note that the main toilets are close to the bottom of the stairs. 


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