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Comet Falls

The hike itself, while less than 2 miles each way, does give you a bit of a workout up to the Falls with the steady elevation gain. Along the trail you'll see several waterfalls and the trail hugs a creek for a lot of the hike. Once you're close you'll see Bloucher Falls, a beautiful multilevel waterfall, keep going past a small footbridge and you'll see the true star of the show - Comet Falls. It does indeed look like a tail of a comet. This is the tallest waterfall in the Rainier park and it reminded me of the waterfalls in Hawaii. We brought a picnic lunch so we could stay awhile and enjoy the scenery. This hike was a highlight of our Mt. Rainier trip and well worth seeing, when we went we didn't see many other hikers and had no problem getting a parking space.


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