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Consuegra The windmills of Don Quixote Hiking Trip

Consuegra is a beautiful historic town set alongside a range of low mountains. Twelve windmills can be found on the top of the Cerro Calderico ridge, along with a beautiful 12th-period castle. Fans of the Spanish writer, Cervantes, will instantly recognize these windmills, which were prominently featured as the 'giants' in the 'Don Quixote' novel. Stand proudly atop the ridge, with their white cylindrical towers and blue, pointed roofs. According to local tradition, the windmills, used primarily to grind grain, were passed from father to son for many generations before being 'retired' in the 1980's. The Windmills have since been lovingly restored. 

As you explore the different mills and look around, you'll witness a spectacular view of the many vineyards all around.  You can enjoy refreshing drinks from one of the mills transformed into a restaurant. 

Two of the windmills were open to walk in. The first one is more of a souvenir shop, and you can pay 1.50 euro to go up and get a higher view of the windmill. (You can only look out the tiny windows).  The open second windmill, however, offers refreshments, and you can also go up in the windmill and sit down and have some hot chocolate or coffee. The stairs in both of these windmills are quite small; therefore, if going with little children, you need to watch them. There is a rope along the wall to hold on. Walking along the path and looking around it is stroller and wheelchair friendly, but not going into the windmills. These are tiny quarters.  The windmills themselves you could spend an hour or so on, but combining it with the castle, I would suggest leaving yourself about 3 hours.



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