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Dâmbovicioara, Romania

We came from Bran and as we were heading to Targoviste, we decided to make right, having just heard until then about Dambovicioara cave. Following a narrow, but good condition road, we drove past Dambovicioara village into "Piatra Craiului" National Park. There is a toll booth with a small entrance fee and after that for about 1 km, the road takes you through narrow and forested stone walls of nothing more than fresh air, sounds of nature, Sun rays and shadows. Watch the traffic because at one point, the road narrows for only 1 lane and with cars coming from the opposite direction, that's also when we had to search for parking place among local manufacturers that sell various home made sweets! The entrance to the cave is well flagged so we paid the visiting tax and we were joined by a 10-years old kid as a tour guide. We were surprised by how seriously he took his job and by the extended level of information that he shared with us. The cave is dry with a visiting track of around 100 meters (and another 300-400 meters not accessible) dotted with some marks of prehistoric life, cave bear bones and of course all spiced up with local tales and legends from our tour guide. More than the cave itself, the entire route of Dambovicioara gorge proved to be a great escape in nature.


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