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Day Trip to the Monte Santo Di Lussari

The Monte Santo is a hill located at Julian towards the south of Camporosso. The hill is about 1789 meters above sea level. There are small villages at the top of the mountain with a stunning sanctuary. The legends believe that after the shepherd lost his sheep, he found it on the hill kneeling at the bush of the mountain. The center of the forest is Madona, with a young kid. There is also a church close to the mountain; it is today used as a destination of Pilgrimages.

While at the top of the mountain, you get to enjoy the view of the valley of Tarvis and other amazing surrounding hills. The mountain is also surrounded by typical alpine shelters that offer fantastic and hospitable services. You can get to access the sanctuary by foot through the picturesque of the Sentiero del Pellegrino winding across the forest. This place is among the fantastic location in Italy that is worth your time. The absolute heavenly view is a terrific experience and will give the memories you live to remember. 

You can walk to Sentiero del Pellegrino if you are a walking lover because it is about a 10Km walk but if you are ill fainted this is not for you. You, therefore, can take a cable car from Camprosso to drop you at the destination.

On top of the hill, there are fantastic restaurants where you can enjoy your meals while enjoying the view of the mountain. The Monte Santo di Lussari has different opportunities to the visitors, and if you wish to climb the hill, they have you covered. You can spend time in the mountain while enjoying the excellent meals. The mountain gives you unique peace; the beauty and the tranquility of the surrounding are incredible. Finally, if you are a ski lover, the place has the most exciting slopes across the region. Ultimately, this is the best experience you will not want to miss in life.


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