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Dorset, England Kayak Magic

Amazing experience sea kayaking down to Durdle Door, 100% worth it!  Went on this tour with a couple of friends. Was a bit dubious about the price as £180 for the 3 of us seemed a bit expensive. Having now done it, it was well worth the money. High-factor water-resistant sunscreen is a must. There's no showers or anything so unless you plan to spend the day on the beach at lulworth or do the Coasteering too - neither a bad idea - plan on going back to your accommodation for a desalting shower after. aBeginner at kayaking but totally looked after, safe and comfortable. Went in the morning slot, apparently, the sea is often better then. Wasn't too cold either, though it was August. Had to pay for parking but it's not too expensive and accepts credit cards. Need a tight-fitting swimsuit for under the wetsuit... Again, worth it to buy a cheap swimsuit just for this. Instructor had a dry bag so we could've taken a camera if we'd thought to bring it... Probably would've been good for a nice shot on the beach by Durdle door. Two person kayaks, so it's a bit better if you're an even-numbered group... Though I'm sure you'd make good friends quickly. 100% recommend highlight of our holiday.


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