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Hike to En Gedi Nature Reserve

One of Israel's leading hiking spots, with spectacular beauty, varied landscapes, and botanical gardens, is Ein Gedi, just off the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert, not too far from Jerusalem. There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful places in Israel is the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Not too now from Jerusalem, but it feels worlds away, Ein Gedi is, of course, one of Israelis ' most popular escape spots taking advantage of the reserve, botanical gardens, and the Dead Sea. 

Tide security is tide, and you have to leave all your stuff in the locker. There are paid toilets, so keep a small change (Rs.20). 

Though most parts are still desert, you see a thin emerald following the stream, coming down from David Waterfall. Wildlife is abundant here. It's rather difficult to recognize the trails, especially the way to Ein Gedi spring. Quite a few of us in the same group got lost on the road.

ote: There are two entrances to the Ein Gedi Reserve, for the hikes mentioned here, take the David Stream/Wadi David entrance



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