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Swimming in Flamenco Beach

Great beach you will love it if you could only stay awake after you wake up at the crack of dawn so you can ride the ferry. Good prices for food and drinks and umbrella rentals $3 big empanadas, shiskabobs and beer. But I wouldn't do the ferry ride again. They only allow one person to purchase a maximum of two tickets so you can't plan ahead and try and buy group tickets ahead of time to save time. The beach is worth seeing but don't waste your time on the ferry. You have to get their so early just to make sure you get tickets 6:00 am that it ruins the whole day. Not to mention the ferry ride is long about an hour, not enjoyable and not worth the waste of your time. It's like a cattle car no fun at all, can't even see out the window. Much better to take a charter or tour save yourself the misery and spend the extra money on a charter or water taxi.


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