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Largest Salt Cave in the World in Qeshim Island Geopark

Unesco global geopark on Qeshim Island in Iran is one of the many natural wonders that this country has to offer. Qeshim Island has a dolphin shape in it is the largest Persian Gulf island with the highest point of 1302 ft. Being a part of the enormous Zagros mountain range, the geopark's mountains and weird formation date back to the Late Precambrian to Cambrian periods, which means the landscapes we see today formed more than 480 million years ago. 

Qeshim Island UNESCO Global Geopark is home to the largest salt cave in the world, 21,653 ft long. The island has abundant wildlife, including birds, reptiles, dolphins, and turtles. In Qeshm Island, zoogeographical areas of Palearctic and Oriental, and phytogeographical areas of Afro-tropical, Oriental and Eurasian, are meeting each other, which generated a huge variety in fauna and flora. 

Qeshim Island has around 120.000 residents, three cities, and 57 villages. The main occupation of the people here is fishing and in the last years, a lot of them get involved in geo-tourism. 

Some of the geo sites have visitors center and guide that give tours and show people around this spectacular landscape. 

The Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark created an educational program based on the framework of schools’ science textbooks. It encourages students to learn about the Earth, stimulates their sense of responsibility about the Earth’s resources and encourages them to do teamwork. The educational-promotional program teaches students to care about the environment. Visiting this breathtaking geopark is not only educational for the kids, but also for us. By coming here, visitors expand their views and understandings of the world and planet earth in general and face the fact that we know so little about this planet. Traveling in places that the guidebooks are not teaching us about is the best way to develop into a true adventurer.



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