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Gili Meno Statues Scuba Diving

Is scuba divining in your mind? You love oceans and want to discover what's underneath it? If you are looking for something unique, try scuba diving in the Gili Meno. The Gili Islands are located on the coast of Lamkok, Indonesia. In Indonesia, you will find incredible diverse marine life, incredible corals and pristine beaches. The Gili Island comprises of three small Islands. The smallest of them is the Gili Meno. Underneath the water you will find 48 human sculptures formed in a circle. You will be amazed by these life-size sculptures. The Gili Meno sculptures make for the most amazing travel photos. Scuba diving is Gili Meno is once in a lifetime kind of experience and the sculptures you witness are totally out of any fantasy movie. 

These beautiful human sculptures are not only a treat to our eyes but also play a significant role in the environment. These statues were made by Jason deCaires Taylor, a British sculptor. This project was named ‘Nest’. What makes these statues more unique is, its made from the casts of real people. These statues symbolize life and continuity. 

The main aim of ‘Nest’ was to act as an artificial reef, so that coral would grow over it, which would eventually lead fishes to swim around it and provide them food. With the concern of world coral reef dying rapidly ‘Nest’ was developed. ‘Nest’ is not only helping in providing a home to marine life like fishes and turtles but at the same time its attracting lots of tourists which automatically creates jobs for the locals. In the past few years, Gili Meno sculptures have attracted a huge number of divers and photographers.

Getting to Gili Meno is very convenient. Gili Meno is just one or two-hour boat ride from Bali. 




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