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Gold Creek pond hike

This is a great hike for all ages. In the summer this is an ADA-accessible paved loop hike around the pond. The short distance, lack of incline is great for beginning hikers, smaller kids and families. Distance: 1 mile Elevation gain: 10 feet Location: Exit 54 on I-90 East. I did this hike in the middle of February. The pond was still completely frozen over with heavy amounts of snow. The parking lot was also covered in snow so we had a park on the side of the road and walk about .75 mile to the start of the trailhead. Even though the total distance is 1 mile but the hike from where we parked added another 1.5 mile making it a 2.5 mile round trip in the winter. I did not have any show shoes. I wore my snow boots and that worked out fine. Some spots are very soft so I sank knee deep into the snow a few times. The mountain backdrop was beautiful. The snow amplifies the scenery. This is a great and easy winter hike.


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