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Roaring Fork Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This is a short 30 minute drive right out of Gatlinburg. The drive has places to get out, but is a beautiful option if you just want to stay out of the rain or aren't able to hike. Do not attempt the hike to rainbow falls unless you are fit, have plenty of water and snacks and plenty of time. The hike is over 5 miles round trip, which is a very long way on a mountainside. We did not do this hike, but we did hike to Grotto Falls which is the 2nd fall hike in the park, and over 2 miles round trip, appx 2 hours to hike in and out with time to enjoy the falls. The hike is moderately strenuous, def take a bottle of water at the very least. The falls/brook area was very beautiful and worth the hike, but they are not very big and the water is extremely cold, too cold for most people to get in past their knees, no matter how hot you are! but the great thing is you can get in the small water pool the falls run into, and walk all the way around, behind the falls - it is very pretty. I would not take small children (under 5) or babies on this hike. The trail is slippery, steep, rugged, and drops off at the edge of the path in many places. There is an outhouse type bathroom at the parking area, be sure to use it before you go up! Also there is not enough parking during busy times.


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