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Boating trip to secret island of Widi

Widi Islands are in the south of Halmahera in Maluku. Widi Island is very popular for ecotourism and diving activities. Thanks to crystal clear water and colorful coral, the place has been one of the best Indonesia's diving sites. 

To visit Widi Islands, tourists can take a flight to Ternate and then continue their journey using sea transportation or board a small plane to Labuha. The visitors can finally board a ship to reach the islands in South Halmahera. Several foreign tourists will make South Halmahera a destination for marine tourism, since it offers panoramic views of the sea. 

South Halmahera has a variety of places that can be used as a maritime tourism attraction for foreign tourists. 


The Widi Islands are made up of 99 islands, most of which are relatively untouched and uninhabited. It also has three small atolls and two large island loops. Tourists will get on a cruise when the weather is clear and appreciate expansive views of the stunning archipelago, continuing to discover the unspoiled white sand beaches and lush tropical greenery.


In Widi Islands, eating fresh seafood is an experience that should not be missed. Most local people are fishermen, and they harvest seafood from the sea on a daily basis. Tourists will seek rare dishes like dogtooth salmon, ruby snapper, marlin, and more on fresh seafood captured on the same day.



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