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Stroll down the antique shop neighborhood of Cukurcuma

Cukurcuma is a lively and authentic neighborhood in Beyoglu district famous for its antique shops. This artsy area is a popular shopping spot for people with refined taste, looking for something different than the ordinary. Besides the antique shops, Cukurcuma also offers art galleries, cafes, restored old houses, and a lot of stray cats everywhere. 

Cukurcuma is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Istanbul, and it exists for over five centuries. The amazing thing about it is that the old homes were restored and turned into antique shops where visitors can find various Ottoman artifacts, nostalgic biscuit boxes from the 1950s, paintings, jewelry, household items, and a lot more. 

Cukurcuma is also home to some of the most gorgeous furniture pieces that you've ever seen, but unless you have a private jet, it would be hard to ship them back home. 

Strolling down the colorful streets of this historical Instanbul district will make you feel like a part of the past when sultans roamed the streets, wearing the finest jewelry and clothing. 

While in Cukurcuma, you can also visit its greatest landmarks, the mosque and the beautiful fountain. 

Getting here is quite simple once you find Taksim, the heart of modern Istanbul. From Taksim, all you need to do is follow Siraselviler street and walk downhill for five minutes until you reach the Cukurcuma neighborhood. 

Most of the shop owners display part of the antiques outside of their stores, so it is easy to see what they offer, even if you don't have much time to spend. However, getting into the stores would be the best thing you can do if you want to find unique pieces of art older than 500 years. 

Cukurcuma is a perfect place to learn about the tradition, culture, and art of the region. 



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