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Hike Hickory Creek Wilderness Trail

There’s a fairly long walk from trailhead to the trail itself. A sign marks the start of the north or south trail route. The main camping area is about 4 or 5 hours from start with a creek and several tiny streams. No water until that point. Overall trail and area are very beautiful. Some great views and rock formations. Hike has gentle climbs except for ¾ of way through there is a steady, long climb. Trail is very poorly marked and hard to follow at spots. Many blazes are faded. Sometimes easier to look on the backs or trees to find blazes marking the south route – those were sometimes when northbound blazes were not. The first part of the north route had the most places where the trail isn’t well marked, especially on the more open areas with fewer large trees. Look for evidence of trail, such as worn/carved trees laying across path. Trail was leaf covered and wet – best done with boots. Plenty of rocks. If you have trekking poles I highly recommend one in each hand. Saved me many slips. Many trees down blocking path. There will be a few water crossings – plan for stepping in a few inches of water. We lost the trail around the camping/creek area. There’s a hard left turn when you hit water but we missed it the first time. There are three stone fire pits along trail. The most elaborate one with plenty of flat rocks for sitting/cooking is the first you will come across. You will only see it if you’ve missed the trail turn since it’s further down the creek.


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