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Hike in Cougar Crest big bear

The Cougar Crest Trailhead is located on North Shore Drive, State Highway 38, approximately 0.6 miles west of the Big Bear Discovery Center and 2 miles west of the Stanfield Cutoff. You can also access the trail by parking at the Discovery Center to take the paved road that leads to the trail.


You will walk along the Cougar Crest Trail through a wide variety of natural environments. The first mile is a gentle uphill climb, but after a mile or so, you'll realize that you're at altitude. The Cougar Crest Trail ends at the juncture of the world-famous 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. Bicycles are not allowed on the PCT.They have several benches to take breaks and stare at the views. 

If you start early then the parking lot at the trailhead is empty,(make sure you have your wilderness adventure pass).  There are gradual elevation gains and switchbacks. At the top end of the trail is the PCT or continue on to Bertha Peak. Bring your dogs! 


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