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Hiking Around Big Tujunga Dam

Big Tujunga Dam dates since 1930, and it is located at San Gabriel Mountains, built to protect the area from flooding and for water preservation. Besides having an extremely practical use, the Big Tujunga Dam is also a perfect spot for hiking enthusiasts from Los Angeles County in California.

 Big Tujunga Creek flows for 28 miles before it joins the Little Tujunga Creek and the entire area landscape offers extraordinary hiking opportunities, as well as picnic spots where you can enjoy a delicious lunch in an open-air environment. 

The Big Tujunga Canyon is one of the most spectacular places to spend an active afternoon at. The trail loop to the Big Tujunga Lookouts is 1.2 Miles round trip, with an elevation gain of 500 ft, which means that everyone with little physical preparation can do it. 

You can start your journey at Condor Peak Trailhead and be careful not to miss it as the signalization is not too good here. Shortly after starting the hike on the side of Big Tujunga Canyon, you will reach a four-way intersection that leads to the lookout points. 

If you decide to check out the left side of the path, then you'll walk less as this trail is shorter, plus easier to climb thanks to the rough stairs-like section that helps with the ascend. At the top, there is a flat area, perfect for pitching a tent or have a picnic. 

The right part of the trail is much harder to climb, and not suitable for children. Nylon ropes hang down the steep terrain to help visitors climb to the second lookout point. From up there, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the area, bring camping equipment, fix some quick wilderness lunch, and enjoy the beautiful landscape. 

Big Tujunga Dam area is what every real hiker needs!



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