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Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur

The Hinatuan Enchanted River is a salt water passage that only flows from the jungle to the sea for a short 600 meters. The water is surprisingly cold, and no one is completely certain where the river comes from, but the winning theory is that it derives from an underground cave system that has yet to be fully mapped. It's a bit far from the highway to go to the place, but the road is cemented. There is a private vehicle parking space and you have to walk to the enchanted river or you can ride the public utility vehicle free of charge in the area. On the way you'll see souvenir shops and small restaurants that will be happy to cook and bring your food choice to your picnic table. They're cheap and very delicious, mind you! On my way to the river, I hate the pungent smell of urine. Even on weekdays, the place was so crowded. The river with its emerald blue color is incredibly beautiful. You can see your feet very clearly. Warning to everyone, you don't dare to swim if you don't know how to swim because it's very deep. Life jackets can be rented. It's good if you're going to bring goggles especially during feeding time you're going to enjoy underwater fish. The toilets are not good latrines are small good for pre-school children heheheh Because the water in the river is a bit salty, most people used pump to bathe in fresh water before going home. Pump is near the toilets. 


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