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Surfing in Hossegor

Southwestern France's seaside town of Soorts-Hossegor is a world-renowned surfing mecca on La Côte d'Argent, Europe's longest uninterrupted stretch of sandy beach. Surfing is the main attraction for both visitors and locals, but anyone can take advantage of the active lifestyle and amazing landscapes of the area.

The fast, hollow waves of Hossegor draw an ever-increasing number of surfers from all over the world. Hossegor's beach spans three kilometers, and while it's only one stretch of sand, there are four very distinctive surf spots. South of Estagnots, Les Culs Nus bridges the gap between the beachbreaks of Seignosse and the legendary La Gravière Hossegor tubes. La Nord can hold up to 6 m of shape on its day. La Sud is the most attractive spot for beginners.

The waves are small and fun in July and August, but the main peaks are packed with traveling surfers right along the beach. You'll still get a nice punchy wave at La Graviere and Les Culs Nus when it's on, but when you're most likely to get a flat spell, it's those peak summer months. But you have to be really unlucky to get no waves even at the summer height during a week's holiday in Hossegor.


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