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Hike Indian Head

Great hike with some fun rock scrambling areas. Not for beginners but not as difficult as I was led to believe.  The first half of the ascent is about 2 miles, a fairly easy hour-long hike along mostly level ground. The second half is strenuous, however, and you will encounter a few rocky areas where some actual climbing is required. The views are worth it though. Recommended to annex Twin Mountain trail to Indian Head, as the Jimmy Dolan Notch Trail loops and it takes about the same time to return to the Prediger Road trail head. Keep an eye on the clock, though, and don't make the mistake of delaying descent like I did. I ended up stuck about two miles deep into Indian Head Wilderness on my down (over by Platte Clove Reserve) because I didn't calculate my descent correctly. I got caught by the darkness and was forced to sleep in the shivering cold wilderness. Set aside 3 hours for you to get down.


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