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Hike to Johnston Canyon Creek Trail

If you are looking for well-preserved nature and marked trails through outstanding wilderness setting, then hiking the Johnston Canyon Trail loop in Alberta, Canada is the best thing you can do at the end of this summer. The trail loop is 4.5 miles long, and it is considerate as moderate. Although many beginner hikers might back off from this adventure because of the moderate difficulty level, this hike is still perfect for newbies as the elevation gain is only 770 ft. 

The trail is one of the most accessible hiking track in the area, suitable for people in wheelchairs. Dog owners are also very welcomed to bring their fluffy buddies and share this marvelous experience with them. 

Nature along the trail is displaying its best colors throughout the year, so no matter when you have a chance to visit, you can still find some activity to do here. One of the most spectacular features of the Johnston Canyon trail are the waterfalls that have water most of the year. The only thing about this trail you might find disturbing while hiking in the crowd, and the waiting line to approach the falls. Other than that everything else about this beautiful place is flawless. The canyon is gorgeous but steep, with paved paths which make it easier for visitors to walk around without too much effort. 

If you ever decide to visit this trail in Alberta, make sure you get there before 7 AM so you can choose between many free parking lots and enjoy the falls and the bridges without the crowds. Another reason why you should get there early is if you are a birdwatching enthusiast and need silence to hear or see the lovely birds that inhabit the forests around Johnston Canyon. Pack a picnic lunch, get a leash for your dog, and spend a nature time on this famous trail.


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