AWAYN IMAGE kastrup søbad
AWAYN IMAGE kastrup søbad

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From Kastrup Strandpark, Kastrup Søbad stretches out into the Sound. The bath is a circular wooden construction which, as a sculpture, appears on the surface of the water and can be experienced from land, as well as from the sea and the air. The total facility consists of the circular bathing facility on the water, a new bathing beach and an associated circular service building with toilets and a handicap-friendly changing room. A 100 meter long bridge leads the visitors to the circular bathing plant, which in a circular stroke gradually rises above the sea and ends with a projection point at a height of five meters. The outer screen wall, which protects the bathers from the wind, is at the lowest point 1.5 meters high and at the highest point 8 meters high. The plant is built in azobé, which is extremely durable in salt water and can be left untreated. Only in secondary areas where there are painted surfaces, another type of wood has been used. The walls of the changing rooms are thus covered with white painted Siberian larch.


The system has a clear outer and inner surface The load-bearing structure - a raw and simple timber construction - is visible on the outside of the circle and emphasizes the shape with ever-increasing solid triangles with clear and robust joints. The inside, on the other hand, is intimate and comfortable with fine and smooth surfaces.

For architectural and technical reasons, planks / boards are used in three widths - 120, 160 and 180 mm. In the screen wall, the width of the planks is varied arbitrarily. It gives the wall a pattern and a vibrant game and also helps to make the wall transparent, so that the bathers can look out at the sea - and so you can see the ships sailing by land.

The coating of the curved platform is technically loose using the three different plank widths and by varying the gaps between the planks. Some places on the platform raise the pavement path and create furniture in the form of benches - though without changing the platform's character of tires.

Lighting has been incorporated in the screen wall and the wooden deck so the bath can also be used and experienced in the dark.Bathers are encouraged to pay attention to the local conditions and follow the general bathing advice that appears from the signage at the sea bath.

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