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Kunturiri, La Paz expedition

Flying into Bolivia is a shock to the system. The simple act of getting off a plane at world's highest international airport (13,500 feet above sea level) leaves many passengers gasping for air. The lack of oxygen combined with the early morning wake-up call was enough to completely disorient the majority of the passengers. It is important to understand that the wealth of mountaineering outfitters, gear shops, and guides around Sagarnaga Street makes planning climbing trips in Bolivia extremely easy. Additionally, the height of the Bolivian Andes necessitates a few days of acclimatization, and La Paz' height (3,600 meters) makes it the perfect location to hang out before your climbs. Cabeza de Condor “condor head” is the highest elevation in the Condoriri Range. Depending on the conditions, there are difficulties in the rock up to 3 according to UIAA and inclinations on the glacier up to 55 - 65 ° on the normal route. Due to the height, the summit ridge is particularly demanding and it will be a very long day in the Condoriri Range.


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