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La Chocolatera incredible landscape

La Chocolatera is a unique coastal spot in Santa Elena province in Ecuador. Being the furthermost point that sticks into the Pacific in the country and the second on the continent, La Chocolaatera is an attractive surfing spot reserved for the bravest riders. 

The waves here are higher than anywhere else in Ecuador, crushing on the rock with tremendous power. Until a couple of years ago, La Chocolatera was a secret spot, forbidden for visitors. To get there, you need to get through the Air Force Base of Salinas, which is now allowed without a military pass. 

The name of the place comes from the chocolate-like ocean water that always looks brown thanks to the roaring waves that pick up sand from the bottom and display it to the surface. 

One of the most attractive things about La Chocolatera besides the fantastic natural setting is the seal colony that lives on the rocks. About twenty seals are sunbathing and enjoying their daily rituals while people watch them with admiration and take pictures of them. The awe-inspiring view is especially inviting for little kids who can observe these animals in their natural habitat. The experts say that the seals migrated here from the northern coast of Peru, and they decide to form their colony at the point of La Chocolatera. 

Besides seals, here you can also spot over 30 bird species and watch them hunting their fish lunch diving into the ocean. 

Although only a few people know about it, and the locals keep it as a secret, the waves at La Chocolatera are the best ones in the country. Of course, you can try your skills here even if you are foreigner, but not too many know about this surfing gem. 

People think that this spot is connected somehow to chocolate, but that is not the case. However, what you will surely take back home with you is memories of spectacular nature and intact wildlife. A #1 must-see in the area!



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