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Experience Pinnochio stories in real life with La Quercia Delle Streghe

Spread in the Tuscan hills in the municipality of Capannori, there is a centuries-old oak with an opening width of over 45 meters. 

Wonderful to see, to dive in and to be enveloped by its thousand-year-old branches .... 

The only major flaw that there is no signal and / or indication of the place ...... except for a small plate kindly affixed by the owners of the neighboring house. (this indication only at about 100m) 

We wonder, as a landscape and tourist asset, it is not valued in the least, in the places made famous by the most famous story in the world "PINOCCHIO" 

Opportunity not to be missed for young and old; and, if you are in the area, do not miss the town of Montecarlo



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