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Lake Blanche Trailhead in Brighton

Lake Blanche and the other 2 lakes, Florence and Lillian, is one of the most beautiful destination hikes in the Wasatch. This  beautiful lake with the sun sparkling on the surface and the backdrop of Sundial peak and snow-covered Twin Peaks was absolutely beautiful. However this is a challenging hike if you're not accustomed to the altitude and steep uphill climbs for a long stretch, but it's beautiful every step of the way. We needed to take quite a few breaks to catch breath and stretch legs. Bring lots of water and I also recommend energy chews or quick snacks. Fairly strenuous especially with an overnight pack on. Beautiful views in the morning, saw some moose and a couple deer. Hike down was quick but gets slick in areas because of loose, gravel-like rocks. The trail leads to a rock slide area that, at night, looked like the trail was blocked so we went a different way. In the morning we went through the rock slide, which curves around to connect back to the trail and isn't too difficult because of the boulders that are placed like steps. Just don't get onto the loose boulders. The trails  well maintained and has great signage system but no dogs. No fires. Watershed area.!  


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