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Lake Okeechobee – The Heart Felt Destination in Florida

This lake is the largest freshwater lake in Florida and enjoys great popularity due to fishing and hiking activities that can be practiced there.

Lake Okeechobee, whose name means "great water", is an ideal recreational destination for boating, fishing, birding and hiking enthusiasts. This large lake covers an area of 1,891 square kilometres (730 square miles). Its length is 59 kilometres (38 miles) and its width is 48 kilometres (29 miles), while its average depth is three meters (nine feet). The lake and surrounding wetlands flow into the Everglades, making it a vital part of the local ecosystem and South Florida's freshwater supply.

Book a fishing package in Clewiston, a town located in the southwest sector of the lake. These excursions are for fishing enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner to experienced. The area is renowned for its largemouth bass, and the lake is frequented by both recreational and commercial fishermen. The best season for fishing begins in December and ends in March.

The Okeechobee Lake Scenic Trail stretches 177 kilometres (110 miles) all around the lake along the Herbert Hoover Dam. This beautiful road is ideal for hiking and cycling all year round. Whether you opt for a long or short hike, you can stop and rest at one of the picnic tables along the trail. At the edge of the lake, you will see herons and egrets and huge flights of birds of all kinds during migratory seasons.

If you'd like to play a round of golf, head to the Sugar Cane Golf Club in Belle Glade, a town on the south end of the lake. The town of Okeechobee, located north of the lake, regularly organizes activities at the Rodeo Arena; please visit the stadium website for upcoming events.

Lake Okeechobee is 111 kilometres (70 miles) northwest of Fort Lauderdale. You will need to get there by car if you want to visit it on your own and take a day trip from Fort Lauderdale. In Fort Lauderdale and Clewiston, various travel agencies offer hiking around the lake.



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